What Men Really Want To Know About Women

In two and a half years of sporadic dating, I’ve had lots of conversation and learned plenty about men, and a lot about myself. I decided to share a few common questions I get on dates. Here we go.


1. Do you watch sports? I’m always honest in saying that I might watch the final game of whatever sport it is. They ask “so you just don’t know what’s going on, or you have no interest?” I confess that I’m not interested. (Insert painful on their faces, here!) I know it’s important, but I’m not willing to sit out in the cold and watch football, or suffer through a baseball game. If they NEED that, well…

2. Do you cook? Valid question. Very few men will want to eat take-out every night. I usually say “I CAN cook, but I don’t make elaborate meals often. I don’t enjoy cooking anymore.” I’m gonna have to work on this response, because they generally don’t appreciate it, or the rare man will say “oh, no worries. I got that. I don’t mind cooking.” (insert MY smiley face here.) Honestly though, I’d cook for that ONE I choose. Yes I will.

And here’s a question that I don’t get as often, but it always surprises me:

3. What are you going to teach me? I’m glad men see me as an intelligent woman, but I usually tell them that you learn something from everyone. And you generally don’t know upfront, what that will be. They agree. Not only that, they start thinking about what they bring to the table as far as teaching me. The last guy I hung out with said “that’s true. I’ve done a lot of traveling and learned a lot. I can share that with you.” (Swoon.)

And we already know about this pesky question:

4) Can you send.me a pic? That either comes before the first date, or right after (like the same night). Once, I got asked at dinner. I wrote about this here.

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Ladies, do you get similar questions on dates? Are there any that you’d like to add to the list? Fellas, how important are the answers to these questions to you? What do you typically want to know and why?

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  1. I wouldn’t see cooking or not cooking as a prob if it’s just casual dating. I don’t think a guy should even care to know if he doesn’t have any long-term interest…unless those are just questions to fill silent gaps.


  2. fun post!!! I am sure it is an “interesting ” world out there for those who are dating. I suspect it gets complicated at times!!! πŸ™‚


  3. How lucky am I that my man could care less about sports? Very, because I don’t care either. At most, I like to go to a bar now and then and watch the Iowa Hawkeyes kick ass, but it’s not something I need to do. I don’t even know how well their season is going.


    • Lucky you. I can’t say I’ve been with a guy who cared that I didn’t watch (even if they did). It’s probably one of those things that most men will compromise on.


      • if I did have a man who was really into sports, I wouldn’t mind following along. I would just be a fan of the same teams he’s a fan of. I’d want him to be happy which means I want his team to win.

        …but I might also go in another room and play video games.


  4. On the first date I just keep everything light and fun. My questions are usually just simple background questions so I can get a feel for the type of girl you are. A lot of jokes and a tell a few stories about my self so you can get a feel for the type of guy I am.


  5. You have me thinking hard. I don’t think I’ve asked any of those questions…so what do I ask…? :S



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