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“Trust the process.” I gave my writing coach the serious side eye (in my head) when she kept repeating that, but the more I write, and the more stories and memories I get down, the closer I get to— [I’ve been struggling to fill in this blank (took me all day to get around to finishing this post), but I know something good and productive is happening.]


In line with that, I thought I’d share some journal notes from one of our sessions.


—Trainer – metaphor for larger relationship

—Learning to trust a man and see him as a friend

—See what the gap is between what I claimed I wanted and what my heart was doing

—Women without fathers – construct any man. How he helped me have greater expectations for relationships and for myself

—The trainer. Allow me to connect


—Journal Material

—Edited a lot

—Reflection from present moment

—Hungry for details




—Monkey Bars



—The meaning

—Go into training


—He was raised in the suburbs by both parents. I was raised in the ghetto, surrounded by other people from single parent households…

—Overview – guts

—What is it about (one or two sentences)

—How is it different from any other book. Not just plot, but what’s the point and conclusion

—Sense of voice in the book

—Sense of development and how writing evolves

—Blog. Focused on a set of concerns

There you have it – a glimpse into my process. Now that I’ve gone through some notes, I realize what I struggled to say earlier — all of these random notes and ideas on my list are becoming clear. My memoir is taking shape – mostly in my mind, but also through the stories I tell – the conversations I’m having. The reflections. My writing coach is “Amaze-balls.” (Not sure where I read that, but it just seems fitting to use it here.) She is!

Blogging every day for NaBloPoMo is also very helpful!

So whatever you’re working on – creative, artistic or business endeavors, finding a mate, emotional healing, overall self-improvement, or whatever – trust the process! Things do become more clear as time goes on. Yasss!!

If you had (or have) a journal, and a public audience read it, what would we find out about you?  Any comments on your ‘process’ for doing, overcoming, or achieving something? Other thoughts welcomed.

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  1. I enjoy reading the process of other writers. I can really relate to what you’re saying about watching your story come out even outside of the writing, through conversations, etc. Visiting from NaBlo at yeah write.


  2. Believe it or not, as analytical, critical, and detail-oriented as I am in “real life”, when I sit down at my desk to write, I just let my thoughts flow free and unhindered. There are no filters. There are no rules. There is no conformity or structure. There are no lanes, highways, or expressways for me to stay in. LOL. It’s free flow all the way! That being said, I will admit to liking the process and flow you outlined above. I do see the benefits.

    It’s good to see you back putting pen to paper again … or fingers to keys, as the case may be. =P Your words are **powerful**.

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    • Lol. Thank you Quentin! The language from bell hooks are just notes I took when she was in conversation with Laverne Cox (transgender woman from that show Orange is the New Black). Snippets from me are random bits of longer thoughts. But really, there’s DEFINITELY a theme – many connected threads, in my journal as of late. So funny, the one from last year had some interesting lists. 🙂



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