Prince’s Lyrical Language


Anne Lamott (excerpt from bird by bird).

I’ve been in love with language since I was a little girl. I found nothing more pleasurable than getting lost in the characters’ worlds in books -eavesdropping on their conversations. I wrote and illustrated stories, acted in plays (as a drama major), won citywide storytelling contests, and spoke in several different accents. I’m pretty sure I drove my family crazy, especially when I corrected their diction and grammar!

So naturally, I fell for Prince, my muse for more than a year. Little did he know, I was sold when he wrote his first poem – for me. This is an excerpt from my post Late August Virgo, which features the poem:

You caught me at such a perfect time in my life

At a time where the edge of a cliff was a comfortable place to pitch a tent and rest my head

Normally everyday was Halloween for me

But today I decided it was time to throw away my mask

So I was open

And you loved me for that


And I did. I loved everything about his language – and his blatant curiosity. His delivery. His words were plain and straightforward. Unfiltered. His body spoke to mine. From his eyes, to his hands, down to his member. Language is everything.

Do you love language? How does language influence your relationships?

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  1. I am a language lover, too! Absolutely. The word is so powerful and can evoke such emotion . I love the Anne LaMott quote –I just finished Help, Thanks, Wow and am starting one of her novels Imperfect Birds. Great post today!


  2. I was thrilled when I found Bird by Bird at a thrift store a year or so ago. I’d been saying I want the book and then poof! there it was. After reading your post, and the comments above, I’m going to revisit it.

    I decided to bounce around the grid today, being all new and all. Happy NaBloPoMo from another Yeah Write(r).


  3. I adore words and language…. To me, there is nothing better than spending a day at a bookstore or a library. There is so much possibility it almost makes me giddy. Stories to lose myself in, new characters and friends to explore and examine. And blogging is now tapping my creative outlet for using my own words.

    I’m glad to have found you through NaBloPoMo!



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