Late August Virgo


I’ve been gone for a minute, so I think it’s only fair that I come back with a treat for you – a picture a poem!! This picture is from 2012. I’m on stage performing erotic poetry in Brooklyn, NY! Yea boiii!! But before I digress — instead of sharing the poem I performed that night (Late August Virgo), I’m sharing a poem the subject wrote for me. He’s a late August Virgo.

It Was All A Dream

It was late when we first met

I would say around 12:15

We kinda just ran into each other, you were doin you, I was doin me

You were looking for some directions and I happened to know how to get to your destination

Next thing I knew we were at the local diner

Our small talk quickly turned into a full blown conversation

The attraction was strong

I wanted to know everything about you

It was clear to both of us that something was brewing


You caught me at such a perfect time in my life

At a time where the edge of a cliff was a comfortable place to pitch a tent and rest my head

Normally everyday was Halloween for me

But today I decided it was time to throw away my mask

So I was open

And you loved me for that


You could read my mind

You heard my wishes

Me wishing there was no such thing as time when I was with you

Or at least that the 1 was an 11 and that I actually had 2 more hours to spend with you as I looked down at my cell phone

A wish that as we pulled up to my house, you would be coming inside with me that night


You looked me in the eyes

It was like you were looking in the mirror because everything my eyes told you, you were also feeling

It  scared you at first but you were comfortable with me

You said I made you feel free

So I kissed you

A kiss that triggered your fingers to introduce themselves to my spot

Which gave my lips the ok to travel to yours

You rubbed my head, then you rubbed my HEAD

I smiled with satisfaction as I reached for your pants

You stopped me an looked deeply into my soul

I felt it in my spine as I looked back into your big brown eyes

I was now the one looking in the mirror

The one who could read minds


No need for words to be exchanged at that moment

I knew what you wanted, what we wanted


The car door opened

I grabbed your hand and pulled you close to me

It began to rain but It couldn’t be a more beautiful night to us

We continued to kiss until the rain was too strong to bear anymore

The water falling from the sky and the water falling down your thigh let us both know It was time

We held hands as we ran up the stairs to my place

While inserting my key into the lock a flash of lightning illuminates the sky

Followed by the loud sound of thunder

Then the buzz of my alarm clock


Opening my eyes I am greeted by the smile of the sun between the cracks of my blinds

I shake my head in disbelief as I smile back

Laying in my bed I realize…       It Was All A Dream

READERS: What do you make of this poem?? I know what I think!! Hmmm.

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22 replies

  1. As a former stand-up poet, I wish I was there to rock the mic too. I never heard of that spot though. Maybe it’s because I’m all the way up town in the Bronx.

    The pic doesn’t look bad neither with your sexy ass! #JustSaying!


  2. Now that was hot!! You had going there for a minute there. I was like ok breakfast in the morning sweet morning kisses, but poof!!! It was all a dream.


  3. I like, it was oh so real, a perfect visual. Well done…


  4. Okay my bad. I thought you did. Lol!!


  5. That’s what’s up! The person have skills.


  6. I like this. It’s always good to see yourself through someone else’s eyes….it was all a dream, but it shows how much you were in his psyche


  7. This was good!! You know that the dreams are always, almost better than reality. We(females) create scenarios in our mind and they don’t usually play out this way but this was a guy’s dream and I’m in shock….lol


  8. It was a good poem. Was this like an ex dude or something? You usually don’t just write poems for women unless you’re a simp.


  9. HOTTTTT!!!!!



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