Subliminal Message to a Muse


Just because there’s a wedge of space and emotional distance between us, doesn’t mean my assessment of you – as someone special – was wrong.

Because I still believe that I have the ability to sift for gems, and recognize the valuable ones. If I completely discard you, then I am a fraud.

But in the interest of protecting my heart, perhaps being a fraud is not the worst thing I can be. Maybe you’re just like the rest, I lie.

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  1. That was touching. I had to think on this. I myself was in that type of situation. The thing about it was that I knew the person while in Jr. High School. Later in life we talked. Talked for hours. She was on the east coast and myself in central Texas. The feelings were strong tho we were miles upon miles apart. We later stopped talking that was because of me. In the interest of protecting my heart. But at the same time, I hurt her. I regretted it and paid for it. Sounds familiar huh? Insider. I did ask later on to make it up. Lesson learned. Men also think that way too wondering if the woman was the same as he dealt with in the past.


    • Thanks for such a sincere comment. Yea, sounds vaguely familiar. 🙂 And yea relationships unraveling usually begins with one person’s change of heart
      Maybe they fall out of love, maybe they wanna protect their heart, maybe they fall in love when they were only supposed to be friends with benefits, etc. Maybe someone is unappreciative. So many scenarios. Glad you could relate.


  2. Not a problem.



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