How Has Life Been For You

This is a picture of my fifth grade class at P.S. 274, an elementary school in Brooklyn, New York. I’m the girl at the far left end of the second row, in the grey sweater and jeans. A childhood friend posted the photo on Facebook a few years ago, and ever so often another classmate joins Facebook, or stumbles across the picture, and adds a comment.

That very thing happened last week. I got notification on my phone that someone else had left a comment. Someone who I had never forgotten in all the years, and someone who I was ELATED to find again. We started messaging each other and catching up on things (Where do you live now?, What do you do?, etc.). He asked me one question that made me reflect on my entire life:

“How has life been for you?”

I thought of a way to respond without mentioning all of the times I fell down and got back up again. The days I cried, and struggled, and couldn’t find my way. Because after all, I can still say that I’ve done well for myself. I responded:

“Good question. Challenging, but the blessings always outweigh the burdens. I’ve done well. I can’t complain.”

He replied:

“Yes life is a journey not a destination.”

And that let me know that he knew exactly where I was coming from. Life has been good. I like to think that my good days outweigh my bad, and that the best is yet to come.

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  1. Hi Prudence,

    I would have to say the same for me. “Life is a journey not a destination” ….. I had trials and tribulations growing up and throughout my adult years. Its when I realized inorder to pursevere, I must have hope no matter the situation may be and of course god on my side. I learned to calm down more, put myslef in other’s shoes and set personal goals. I see this photo and smile because I had lots of fond memories of us all at PS 274… Thankgoodness for FB. Where we connect and watch everyones life flurish through posted pics and daily statuses. I must say life is good! I may not be rich but I’m thankful to god, family/kids/friends and a stable job.


  2. Good sentiment. There’s a notion/saying here which says why complain because those who are complaining to have as much to complain about. People in most positions rich or poor, can find things to gripe about so it is no use burdening a conversation with a load of challenging events that you dropped off along the way, unless you want to show the emotional muscle you have grown.


  3. We don’t often think about how life has been for us in the grand scheme of things. The good does outweigh the bad simply cause you made it through, hopefully learned a lesson and have been given the opportunity to go thru more trials and learn more lessons. When we met in jhs, that had to be one of the most painful and trying times in my life, but I’m thankful for the experiences and know that that time was such a small fraction of my life…it helped mold who I am today….so life has been GOOD!


  4. I noticed those girls with the white veils on were most likely from the Ansaarullah community in the Bushwick area (DR. York’s old muslim group). They were the only black muslims in America who wore face veils publicly and lived like true muslims. Throw back pic!


  5. I recently talked to an old friend that had disappeared for 15 years and our lives were divergent. She is a wife and mother. I am a teacher who writes, but the friendship was still awake after all this time.


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