In The Interest of Sharing – A Love Poem

love quotes

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When was the last time you fell in love? What was it about your lover that captured your mind and your hormones? Was it the way he walked? His scent?

I bet you can think of a whole list of things that turned you on – before you fell. Deep. In lust. In love. While you think about it, I’ll share a short recollection with you, about falling. And why….


I fell in love because he was forthcoming, genuine, respectful – and honest about his intentions.

I fell in love because he was open. I was not. But I enjoyed melting for him. The falling away of layers. Just so exhilarating.

I fell in love because in the absence of expectations, I got to know him for who he really was – and not who I hoped he would be (for me) and who I expected him to be (for me). I allowed him to “just be.”

I accepted and enjoyed the fact that I could never “turn him” into an ideal. Mate. Man. Being. Through annoyance of “why can’t he” and “why won’t he” and “me. pleasure me.” I fell in love with him because the tension was just right.

I fell in love because he made all my thoughts poetic. I wrote  Late August Virgo and Falling. I chronicled and journaled. Wrote erotica.

I fell in love with his physical being last – initially subsisting on mental stimulation. But then. His scent. The natural smell of his neck. And the way he fit perfectly between my thighs. The way we took turns rolling one another over. On instinct. Me on top. Him on top.

His kiss.

I fell in love with his rhythm. The way his rhythm matched mine. That balance. The sway. His lips. His gaze. His height. Those abs. 8% body fat.

I fell in love with the idea of being led by a man I could trust. Catch me when I’m falling.

I fell deep.

I went reeling. Spiraling. Came down. Crashing. Withdrawal.

Cravings. Denial. Blocks. (No more poetry.)


Regaining. Restoring.

It’s a whole different feeling when you fall in love with someone for who they really are, versus who you hope they are or who you expect them to be. And that whole process – of getting to know a person, takes time and genuine interest.

Layers melt away.



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12 replies

  1. I use to have that feeling I use to be in love that deep still this day when I smell that cologne he use to wear I get butterflies……… Memories


  2. That definitely touched me. It brings back strong memories and emotions. When I first fell started falling for my fiancé I loved his smile. He would smile often and I thought it was beautiful. His smile and laughter was so whole hearted and genuine. Then the first time we danced I thought was magical. I wanted to dance with him all night. Our rhythm was in perfect sync. And then his cologne was so mesmerizing. I could smell him long after he was gone. I still love these things till this day. :-))


  3. That is truth, girl. Loving without expectations is priceless and intense. When it is defined in those terms it can make one question if they have ever really been in love. It is a feeling like no other and definitely uncovers any feigned feelings of love. Great piece!


    • Thank you for chiming in. Yes girl, it took me a long time to realize this. When you build up expectations and conditions under which you’ll choose to love, it’s easy to get caught up on that instead of loving and appreciating someone for their special qualities.


  4. I remember falling in love…..and laying naked next to that person and not being able to tell his body from mine…our complexions, like our souls…matched.


  5. Yup. That scent. hehe.

    Went along for the ride with you. Even to the cravings. denial. regaining and restoring…



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