My first real blog post! (Very sexy and Reblog-worthy!!)

My Female Persuasion

I was sitting at my desk the other day thinking of a rendezvous, and I got a visual of a man entering a woman (I was pretty distracted). At the same time, I thought of the twitter trending topic #TheMoment. Those two thoughts formed the first written line of this narrative — #TheMoment: You’re waiting for him to enter you. Then I thought about all the conversation and foreplay that typically leads up to that moment — of waiting — for him to enter you. Scrawling on the back of random sheets of paper, I laid out a roadmap of emotions and thoughts that arise along the journey to physical intimacy. Insert yourself into the story, imagine it different ways, and feel it…. Enjoy #TheMoment!

#TheMoment: You spot him in the distance. Perhaps at the other end of the bar.

#TheMoment: You realize he sees you.

#TheMoment: You feel the first…

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  1. Def sexy and most def re blog worthy…..have my mind thinking back to THAT one *wink*


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