Dear Meeka (A Letter to My Sixteen Year Old Self)


A few days ago I saw this writing prompt on Write a letter to your 14-year-old self. But since my life shifted drastically when I was sixteen, I decided to write a letter to the girl I was then. Terrified, and without a clear sense of direction, if ever she needed a letter of encouragement from a wiser, more mature, accomplished woman, that pivotal year would have been the time. Or maybe the letter would’ve been more beneficial a year before, when she was fifteen – and not with child. I’ll address her at that stage at another time.

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing this letter for months – maybe even a year, but motivation really struck me when i was in the bathroom one night, without pen and paper. Initially I tried writing on toilet tissue but it was just too fluffy. I ran with the creative spurt and started tweeting from my smart phone with the hashtag: #NoteToMy17YearOldSelf. (I meant to write 16.) My notes to Meeka:

#NoteToMy16YearOldSelf: You are braver than you know.

#NoteToMy16YearOldSelf: Many men will adore you. Few will cherish and appreciate you. Choose wisely.

#NoteToMy16YearOldSelf: You are bigger and brighter than your circumstances.

#NoteToMy16YearOldSelf: You have a lot of battles ahead of you. Choose them wisely. Seek help. Fight to win. Get up when you fall.

#NoteToMy16YearOldSelf: You are gifted and special.

#NoteToMy16YearOldSelf: The sacrifices you’re making as a mom are not in vain. Move on faith – not in fear.

#NoteToMy16YearOldSelf: I commend you for being strong.

#NoteToMy16YearOldSelf: Always remember that you have choices.

#NoteToMy16YearOldSelf: One day you’ll be free to be yourself. Keep striving.

#NoteToMy16YearOldSelf: Seek out people who believe in your talents. They will nurture you, motivate you, and help propel you toward your potential.

#NoteToMy16YearOldSelf: You are not your surroundings.

#NoteToMy16YearOldSelf: Dream bigger.

#NoteToMy16YearOldSelf: It’s okay.

What’s one thing you would say to your younger self if you could?

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