Hurricane Sandy Made Me Single

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Actually – Hurricane Sandy just reminded me of how single I am. During the calm before the storm, I was optimistic about the power staying on in my part of town. But I also have memories of the two times last year when the power went out for up to three days – during Hurricane Irene, at August 2011, and the freak Halloween snow storm that October.

A year later, as Sandy crept up along the Northeast corridor of the U.S. on Monday, October 29th, I prepared for the worse and hoped for the best. But at about 8:30pm that night, my power went out as I sat watching The Long Island Medium on the TLC channel.

Despite sketchy cell phone coverage, I received many text and Facebook messages from friends and family who were concerned about my well-being considering the force of Sandy’s wrath. Most of them didn’t know that I was home alone!

Among the people who called the day after the storm was my ex. I told him that I might go to a motel or hotel if the power doesn’t come back on by the next morning. I hate being in the dark and I hate being cold. He started rattling off names of places in my area, and nightly rates (he had called these same places when he had family in town). It struck me that he kept using the word “we.” WE can probably stay through the week, but on the weekends the rates go up.

I heard the word but I ignored it. I responded, “Why are you worried about the weekend when today it’s only Tuesday? If the rates go up on Friday, you worry about it then. You either pay more, or go somewhere else.” I told him that I would think about what I wanted to do and make a decision later. Maybe I’d wait one more full night to see if the power comes back on and then leave home tomorrow. (Ugh!)

But after I hung up, that word “we” played over in my mind a few times. I called a hotel for myself and got rates for a non-smoking, single-bed room. After all, I didn’t NEED him to help me pay for the room. So why would I need him to make the reservation?

Regrettably, I’m writing this blog post by laptop light and candlelight, geared up in my North Face coat and combat boots. It’s 7:52pm and the power hasn’t come back on. Electrical companies in my area are estimating the outage could last up to seven days. Le sigh.

These are the questions that ran through my mind when I hung up the phone. Do I want to be in a hotel room with him? What would happen if we stayed together? Answer 1: No. Answer 2: We would probably be together. Next question: Do I want that to happen? First answer: Well, why not? I ain’t doing nothing else! Second answer: Hell no! That’s one door that I better leave closed. Fear and discomfort can make you do some crazy things, but I’m not that damn crazy.

Hurricane Sandy is making me delirious, but I will not allow her to make a mockery of me too. I have the dog here for company, and text messages from friends and family – when they come through. I have a laptop with 34% battery life left, and no Internet connection. I have snacks and water, and a car with a full tank of gas. I’m fortunate. Le Sigh.

There isn’t much that a man could’ve done for me these past two days that I didn’t do for myself. I stocked up on matches for candles, bought a flashlight, a case of water, non-perishable food, and snacks. I filled my gas tank up (good thing, because many gas stations are closed), walked the dog, kept the doors locked, etc.

But it would’ve been nice to cuddle through the storm – to feel protected and safe in the arms of a strong man. (Damn.) I could’ve pouted my lips and complained to him about how loud and scary the wind was – and had him go sit in the car and charge my cell phone. (I did that on my own too – during the storm, as my car rocked back and forth. It was pitch dark out and I was scared as hell!)

I just checked my voicemail messages. He left me a message about availability and rates. With every passing second I’m less tempted to drive to a hotel (it’s really dark out there). Not only that – I’m thinking logically!

Dear Hurricane Sandy: I am patiently waiting for this storm to blow over. I had a moment, but I will not – allow you to play tricks on me!


How did you fare during the storm? Did the hurricane make you consider your relationship status for any reason? If you’re single, did you wish you were boo’d up? If you’re in a relationship, did your significant other make it easier to get through the storm? Other thoughts?

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6 replies

  1. Wow love your writings! VERY HONEST!!


  2. When we are in some dangerous situations that could threaten our life (since I’m in SouthEast Asia and never knew how Hurricane Sandy is like, and I rarely watch news, so sorry for the lack of understanding the situation), people inted to think a lot about their life and relationship status. Being alone in the time like this is scary, you know. It’d be better if you have someone by your side as support, and it doesn’t mean you’re relying on her/him. Even having a pet can’t replace the same warm as human presence does. So if I were in this situation, or find someone were, well… I couldn’t blame everything. It’s natural for humans.

    Anyway, I really love this blog. You have good talent in writing and your blog name is interesting too. It’s wonderful. 🙂


    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed reading my blog. That means a lot. It’s very true that dangerous situations make us think about life and relationships. And it’s always nice to have help, even from an ex boyfriend! 🙂 Very thoughtful comment. Thanks!


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