When It’s Time

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve had at least one serious relationship – potentially one or more failed relationships. And chances are, there were warning signs before the break up. In the beginning, you couldn’t get enough of one another.

You sacrificed sleep to spend hours on the phone getting to know him. You spent all of your waking moments fantasizing about when you’d see him again. You were happy.

Somehow things changed. Maybe the nervous, giddy high that came with falling in love wore off and you stopped short of moving to the next stage. Perhaps you realized that he wasn’t as beautiful and deep as you thought he was. Maybe he was only out to have a good time and you fell in love. It could be that you blew him off and regretted it too late… 

How long should you continue to invest in a deteriorating relationship? And what are some of the signs that a woman is wasting her time trying to hold on when a man is letting go?

Here are a few potentials :

  • Suddenly he’s too busy “working” and has no time for a personal life (or you). NOTE: If a man really wants to see you, he’ll find a way to free up time.
  • When he does see you, his time is scarce. You’re not going to the movies, having dinner, enjoying late night or mid-day phone chats (because he’s not a “phone guy”), meeting any of his friends, etc. He only has time to see you at night… Make no mistake. A man will make consistent contact with a woman he cares about.
  • He starts saying things like “I need space,” or “I need breathing room.” Translation: he knows you’re sprung and either wants to keep you on his “reserve list” while he explores his options, or he ‘s intentionally distancing himself from you. Both signs that he’s not that into you and you’re wasting your time.

 He knows the game. And an experienced man knows that where’s there is a gap, another man will fill it. Would he risk that with a woman he cares about?

What are other signs that a person is wasting time on a relationship? Are there other reasons why a man may exhibit these signs? What has been your experience?

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5 replies

  1. That is sooooooooo true!


  2. Read it again. And that is true. Especially when the “too busy thing comes up”. Like you said, he would find time and shall I add make it special to be with her if he cares about her.


  3. First of all if you can’t make time for me then were already at the end of the relationship. When I get the first sign I’m moving on. I don’t come second in no man’s life. Like you said, if he really wants to spend time with you, he will find time for you. Yes it’s true he knows the game but now we know the game. If he is willing to take that risk for someone he cares about, then he just filled the gap because that’s a sign for me to keep moving. I know I will be waiting my time when all we do is argue.
    But to the ladies that experience any of these signs it means he don’t want to be with you anymore and he’s doing whatever he can to make you want to leave him.


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