Impending Peak

I was sitting at my desk the other day thinking of a rendezvous, and I got a visual of a man entering a woman (I was pretty distracted). At the same time, I thought of the twitter trending topic #TheMoment. Those two thoughts formed the first written line of this narrative — #TheMoment: You’re waiting for him to enter you. Then I thought about all the conversation and foreplay that typically leads up to that moment — of waiting — for him to enter you. Scrawling on the back of random sheets of paper, I laid out a roadmap of emotions and thoughts that arise along the journey to physical intimacy. Insert yourself into the story, imagine it different ways, and feel it…. Enjoy #TheMoment!

#TheMoment: You spot him in the distance. Perhaps at the other end of the bar.

#TheMoment: You realize he sees you.

#TheMoment: You feel the first spark. Perhaps your nipples become erect. Your orchid feels a little more moist than usual.

#TheMoment: He’s within a foot of you and you feel his energy. It’s pleasing.

#TheMoment: You feel yourself becoming more and more open to feeling and receiving his energy. You can tell by his gaze, the feeling is mutual. Your heart beats faster. You smile from ear to ear, forgetting everyone else in the room for a second.

#TheMoment: You share flirtatious words and exchange numbers and social networking info. “What’s your twitter?”

#TheMoment: He leaves and you wonder if you’ll ever see him again.

#TheMoment: Your thoughts become sexual: Umph – If I do see him again, am I gonna fuck him? Can he really get it?

#TheMoment: You confirm your nasty thoughts and begin plotting. Internally: Damn….. ummm, he can definitely get it. Where we gon do it at? What should I wear? Should I be coy, or should put it on his ass? Should I shave it bare, get a Brazilian wax — or keep it nappy and bushy? And then – Damn, he could be ‘the one.’ Maybe I should take it slow in case he is. Feel him out. See what he’s really looking for.

#TheMoment: You get the first text or phone call.

#TheMoment: You catch yourself blushing with your whole body again. You nipples stand at attention. You feel tingly all over.

#TheMoment: You begin letting your guard down to get to know him. Is he married? Does he have children? What does he do for a living?

#TheMoment: You meet again. Dinner, drinks and soothing conversation.

#TheMoment: You decide you really like him.

#TheMoment: You find yourself thinking about him all day – can’t wait to see him again. A few more dates pass. Strolls in the park. Poetry after dark…

#TheMoment: You’re both longing for a kiss – to feel each other’s warm lips, and press your bodies together. You’ve been wondering what he’s working with. And he’s been desperate to enter you from day one.

#TheMoment: He exposes himself to you. You’re sitting in the car long after dinner is over. He’s in the driver’s seat.

#TheMoment: You begin mentally comparing his to others stems you’ve seen. Short and thick, long and thick, pencilish, crooked to the right – or to the left, loose and long nut sack – or testicles hugged tight to the body. Circumcised or not. Multicolored? Round hole or a split.

#TheMoment: Foreplay moves beyond wordplay and tongueplay to fingerplay, and perhaps suckplay.

#TheMoment: You want to feel him inside you – more than you’ve ever desired before. But you decide to keep his hard body at bay for another date or so. Just to prolong the tension and feel really “sure” about him.

#TheMoment: Your pussy begins to THROB and you give in – to the notion – that it’s just fuckin.

#TheMoment: You’re laying on your back – exposed. Cheeks against the sheets. Bald. Bushy. Nappy. Or scarce. Lips parted. Orchid in full bloom. Nectar flowing. Legs beyond shoulder width apart. The backs of your willing knees resting on either of his full forearms.

#TheMoment: You realize it’s really about to go down. He stares into your eyes. He leans over your body to swallow your breasts. Lick your tongue with his tongue. Suck your lips.

#TheMoment: You’re waiting for him to enter you. You think “kiss me and enter me at the same time.” You say “Baby…” He asks “Yes?” You whisper “Baby…” and firmly press his hips toward you. He knows what you want.

#TheMoment: You feel the pleasing pressure of his crown against the outermost part of your lips.

#TheMoment: You forget everything except the impending peak. The oncoming high. Closer with every stroke. Every wad of white foam that gathers at the base of his shaft. The clock is not ticking. The moon’s not shining through the window. You’re no longer fertile. Only he can hear your moans. “Oh baby….! Oh my God…!”

#TheMoment: He picks up the pace. He’s brimming over. And so are you. Oh shit…!

#TheMoment: He kisses your neck and face, and holds you in his arms. You think back to the moment you spotted him. The moment you felt his energy. The moment he exposed himself. And back to the moment you’re in. The one you wanted to happen from the first.


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  1. Got me thinking about someone special right now #lovemesomehim but hes out of reach

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  2. Girl,the visualization was amazing for me.Luv it!!!luvit!!!!!You truly have the gift of words.I wish you all the best in your future endeavors…..


  3. Well alrighty then!!! Great visualization! Makes you think about that someone special!


  4. Girl, you have great visualization skills! Love it. Keep it coming


  5. Your imagery is excellent. Also, your syntax definitely manipulates the theme and mood. Very nice.


  6. Thank you so much for all the positive comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the piece and that it resonated with you!


  7. I’m wanting more. I am she…back in this fu*#ked up game…or is it so bad? Gotta let go and let it down…my guard so that I Can see if he is who he says he is or am I just hungry from my half empty plate. I love it girl. Hit me when u have more.


  8. Another job, well done


  9. I wanna be in the moment lol! Where can I get in!?

    Anyway, seems like you have a poetic edge to you or to this post. It kinda came off as a poem of sorts. Was that the intent, to be poetic?


    • Thank you. I’ve heard that my writing is poetic though. This is actually something that just came to mind while i was sitting at my desk at work, thinking. i wrote it out by hand and it’s virtually unchanged from the first draft. you can tell i was inspired right?? i wrote it as i reflected on watching Love Jones. (True Story!). That’s why i mention Impending Peak in the last line of the Love Jones post.


    • Forgot to answer. No, that wasn’t my intent. i also write poetry.


      • Ok cool. I used to do stand up poetry around 2004, so I peeped that in this post that you write.
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        • Oh that’s what’s up. I have a video of me performing erotic poetry that i’ve been trying to upload in a post to no avail. i think i need the video or space upgrade. i actually have one in my head that i need to write out (adult poem).


          • Erotic pieces are my shit! I do more political pieces though, but erotic and poems/poetry on love and stuff is my thing. I meant WERE!
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            • lol. maybe you need to get back to it!


              • Hello no! I can, but not with the love and romance stuff. I refuse to mislead men into thinking that love poems are the key to a woman’s heart. I used to write poems to girls who I was interested in. They always shitted on me. So the gesture was flattering, but not enough to consider me as a potential date or BF. Since getting into the Pick-Up Artist(PUA) community years ago, they emphasize a badboy approach to getting women. Since adopting the badboy approach and giving some edge to myself, I’ve had massive amounts of success with women. My point is; romance doesn’t attract women. It’s something a guy should do with his GF/wife, but not with a girl he’s hasn’t gotten with as yet. She won’t respond positively to romance. Not positive enough that she’s sleep with the guy or get into a relationship with him.
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                • This is such a general comment. A guy wrote a nice poem for me once and that sealed the deal. LOL.


                  • You may feel that a lot of my things are generalizations. True. But it’s the case in most cases, not the exception, so generalization is still accurate. Also I’m speaking from experience where I can say what works from what doesn’t most of the time.

                    Sure a poem may work to good effects with a specific girl, but in the case of #’s, I’d say there’s a much greater chance of failing than winning from being romantic and getting all poetic.
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                    • I still disagree that women don’t respond well to romance. That’s what most will say they want (based on my own experience, conversations, books I’ve read, etc) but of course this isn’t the right approach for a man who is trying to have sex with a number of women -as soon as possible. Seems like it would be a waste of his time AND I believe romantic, poetic gestures go over better with a woman who is ALREADY feeling you – at least personality wise.


                    • A strange woman won’t respond well to it. A GF or wife; sure! Let’s say I meet a woman today, you’re telling me that sending her a bouquet of flowers or poem will woe her? The gesture would be flattering, but it won’t be a sealed deal. She would see it as romantic, but at the same time, it will raise red flags in her mind for a guy she just met to be sending her poems. It’s a bit too much for something that’s still on first base.
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                    • Did u read my comment? I said that it would go over better if she was already feeling you. And it doesn’t have to be a wife or girlfriend. Could be someone you’re still getting to know. Sending a poem to a woman you just meet is stalkerish. I never implied that.


                    • Precisely! To eliminate the stalkerish setback, it’s best to avoid the poems early on whether she’s feeling you or not. Wouldn’t it be much safer to just leave that for the BF-GF stage?
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                    • Lol. No. ROMANCE shouldn’t be limited to the BF/GF stage for a man and woman who are genuinely interested in one another. And even if the man is not, sometimes it’s necessary to get what he really wants. Depends on the woman. In your case, with people whose goal is just to score fast, maybe that’s a waste of time. And I haven’t met too many men who could write a poem if they tried. There are better ways to romance a woman.


  10. Reblogged this on My Female Persuasion and commented:

    My first real blog post! (Very sexy and Reblog-worthy!!)

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  11. Jesus Girl! Not what I need to be reading now that my honey just left town for a week! Lol. But whoa that was amazing! Love your writing!


  12. So sultry, although I’ll now be self conscious about that whole stem comparison analysis going on.

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